Berkeley Heights Township Council

Susan Poage and Alvaro Medeiros are running for Berkeley Heights Township Council and are backed by a growing movement of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who support Change We Can Agree On. They share the belief of residents that we need new, bi-partisan local government to ensure positive change happens.

As well-known, respected members of our community, Susan and Alvaro will strive to ensure that decisions made in this town will no longer be made without adequate resident input and will provide opportunities to hear from all stakeholders.

Alvaro Medeiros

Alvaro is a successful business leader with a proven record of service. He has served in leadership positions with the Boys Scouts of America and the Governor Livingston High School Marching Band.

Susan Poage

Susan is well known to many as a longtime teacher at Mary Kay McMillan Early Childhood Center and is a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematical and Science Teaching.

Issues We Hope to Address

We will work with the community to find reasonable, workable solutions to the challenges we face, including our deteriorating roads, protecting our public library and our town’s environment, maintaining quality schools, revitalizing our downtown district and sports fields, supporting full-day Kindergarten, improving communication and transparency between your local government and YOU, and how your taxpayer money is being used.

We live in a thriving, diverse, close-knit community, but we share the view of many residents that we can do better than where are now. They tell us that they want change, and we do need to make changes in many areas. We share their belief that electing the same people year after year is not the best way of making change happen.

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