Facts Matter: Roselle Mind and Body Project

Facts Matter: Roselle Mind and Body Project

From Angie Devanney, Mayoral Candidate

A number of residents have asked about inaccurate information about me being shared by my opponent’s supporters. Since I agree with them that Facts Matter, here are the facts about one piece of misinformation:

The Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) entered into a shared agreement with the Borough of Roselle to construct a Mind and Body complex consisting of a community center and early childhood school. The UCIA sought a Public-Private Partnership to realize cost savings, eliminate change orders that occur in traditionally publicly bid projects through a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and provide lowest possible financing rate.

This is the same process used for the Berkeley Heights Municipal Complex whereby EPIC Construction was selected and awarded the project and a Developer’s Agreement was signed. The developer does not determine the scope of the project.  The project price is based on architecture (rectangular building vs unique shape), programming (how much square footage for offices, meeting rooms, etc.), materials used (wood vs. brick, granite vs. marble, etc.) and how the building is outfitted (technology, furniture, etc.).

Programming is determined by the Governing Body. In Berkeley Heights, it is the Township Council who made the final decision about the scope and size of the project therefore setting a framework for the cost of the Municipal Complex. In Roselle, the Borough Council and Board of Education made the programming decisions including the choice of a developer.

My husband, George and  I were not the developers on the Roselle Mind and Body Complex, but rather served as part of the professional team for the developer, as listed in the official Request for Qualifications submission to the UCIA on January 16, 2016 by the developer. Contrary to the misinformation being spread by my opponent’s supporters, we had no involvement with any other aspect of the project, including any decisions made about the cost and management of the project.

Residents deserve a campaign focused on facts and issues that affect our community, not relying on misinformation and fear-driven innuendo.  I urge Mayor Woodruff and his team to join Stephen Yellin, Alvaro Medeiros and me in committing themselves to that kind of campaign.


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