Stephen Yellin & Alvaro Medeiros: Real Experience, Real Solutions, Real Change

Stephen Yellin & Alvaro Medeiros: Real Experience, Real Solutions, Real Change

As we get closer to Election Day, we’ve been thrilled by the increasingly strong support our campaign has received. Residents we meet while going door to door or in small groups are grateful to learn what’s going on in Berkeley Heights, and really appreciate the positive solutions we have for the real challenges we face. That message of positive change is what our campaign is truly all about!

It is vital that our entire team is elected; otherwise, we lack the votes on the Town Council to turn our positive solutions into reality. That’s why we want to tell you a little about us and why we want to earn your vote. We are running because we have the experience, the ideas, and the commitment to bring our community together, and make a positive difference in our local government.

Why vote for Stephen?


For Stephen Yellin, Berkeley Heights is, was, and always will be, home – his family first moved here over 50 years ago. Stephen went through our public schools (Mountain Park, Columbia and GL), and came home after graduate school in order to give back to our town as a voice for reasonable, common-sense change. An active volunteer for over a decade, Stephen has successfully fought for improved communications with and from residents, including recording and digitizing Council meetings, deploying e-updates, moving Executive Sessions to the end of meetings, and holding “town halls” to discuss issues with residents at times more convenient for them.

Stephen successfully worked with a coalition of residents to prevent overdevelopment in the Free Acres/Emerson Lane neighborhood as chairman of Stop the BAC’s political committee, keeping residents informed by sending reports on Council meetings to the Independent Press. He also helped expand revenue and cut wasteful spending at United Way of Greater Union County.

“We need new leaders, with the right background and positive solutions, so that we can get Berkeley Heights government back on track while promoting inclusion and respect for all residents,” Stephen says. “That is what Angie, Alvaro and I will do if elected. By electing all 3 of us, we can start writing that new chapter in the history of Berkeley Heights – one we will all write together!”

Why vote for Alvaro? 

Alvaro Medeiros has a proven track record of serving our community, including volunteering as Quartermaster of the Governor Livingston High School marching band and as an active parent with the local Boy Scout Troop Committee. He was appointed to the Environmental Commission earlier this year, where he has worked with fellow volunteers to promote environmentally friendly programs such as a Community Garden and the Trex Thin Film Plastics Challenge.

Alvaro has risen through the ranks at AT&T for the past 24 years to become an Associate Vice President. His business and financial background means he will bring valuable experience when it comes to responsibly managing our tax dollars. Alvaro and his wife Amalia have lived in Berkeley Heights for nearly 25 years, where they’ve raised their children, Adrian and Beatriz, who graduated from our public schools. Alvaro knows first-hand just how much every vote counts in local elections.

“Last year, I ran for Town Council to bring the right type of change in our community. My running mate Susan Poage won, and I nearly joined her. I fell short by seven votes; more proof that EVERY VOTE MATTERS, particularly on the local level.

“What I saw and continue to see in our current leadership worries me. My goal last year was to take a more active role in the township and to be part of the leadership, to be at the table when decisions that affect us all are being made, and to help bring about change for the better. This is why I am running again and am proud to join Angie Devanney and Stephen Yellin on the Change We Can Agree On ticket.”

On November 6th, join the growing movement of Democrats, Republicans and Independents in voting for Angie Devanney for Mayor and Stephen Yellin & Alvaro Medeiros for Township Council.

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