Facts Matter: We Can’t Keep Going Down This Road

Facts Matter: We Can’t Keep Going Down This Road

Our current Town Council has missed too many opportunities for free money from the county and state, to help repair and maintain our roads, recreational facilities and library. Plus, our municipal taxes are increasing at a rate higher than that of our county and Board of Ed Taxes. Berkeley Heights can’t keep going down this road. Here are some facts you need to know:


  • Current Administration has missed 2 major road grants in 2014 & 2017 (an average of @ $200,000 per year)
    • Source: State of New Jersey Department of Transportation


  • Current Administration has missed 3 recreation grants – 2010, 2011, 2013
    • Source: Union County Open Space, Recreation and Historic Preservation Office
    • New Providence and Mountainside received $300,000-400,000 more than Berkeley Heights from 2010- present.


  • Under the current administration, Berkeley Height has received the lowest amount in library grants in all the County for the past 3 years.
    • Source: Union County Public Information Office


  • Municipal taxes have increased 18.19% in the last 5 years; Board of Ed taxes have increased 13.22% and County taxes have increased 11.25%
    • Source: Union County Tax Assessor’s Office
  • Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) for developers will cost the Board of Education around $225,000  – and growing
    • Source: Union County Tax Assessor’s Office
    • PILOTs pay 0% taxes to Board of Education
    • PILOTs pay 5% to county government

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