Get Involved with the Campaign

Want to help elect Angie, Stephen and Alvaro? Here's how you can help!


Going door-to-door in your area and telling your neighbors about the positive change Angie, Stephen and Alvaro can bring to our town is the single best way we can get the word out about this great team! The Berkeley Heights Democratic Club is organizing canvassing training sessions this summer and fall.

Please email if you’re interested in joining your local canvassing team. 

Lawn Signs

It’s a simple fact that in order to be heard in politics, you have to be seen. And that’s certainly the truth when it comes to lawn signs! Not only is having a lawn sign for your preferred candidate(s) in your yard a very public way of voicing support for your candidate, but it does wonders for local brand awareness. We would love to give you a lawn sign to put out, especially if you live on a busy street!

Please email if interested in showing your support for Angie, Stephen and Alvaro with a lawn sign. 


We would greatly appreciate any donations from the community to help elect a team to our Township Council that will truly lead with conviction and act in our residents’ best interest.  Click here for more information on how to donate.

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Not only can you show your support for Angie, Stephen and Alvaro around town, but proceeds go toward helping them and other local Democrats get elected! Click here to get your swag today!